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Lifestyle Photography Resources for Moms

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In-depth courses, e-books, and one-on-one learning to help propel your photography journey forward. 


5 Days to Better Photographs | Learn to Use Your DSLR

5 Days to Better Photos

A FREE 5 Day Email Course for Beginners

The 5 Days to Better Photos email course is a FREE email course to help you master a few basic principles so that you can see real, tangible improvements in your photography by the end of the week. I'm covering some of the basics of exposure and composition, and debunking some myths about gear that you won't want to miss (hint: it doesn't take a ton of expensive gear to take beautiful photographs!).

Learn How to Use Your DSRL Camera For moms

The Frame-Worthy Photo Course

A Step-by-Step Photography Course for Moms

Available November 15, 2018

You're frustrated with the 100's of blurry pictures you've captured of your wild and FAST 2 year old. You rarely touch your DSLR because it feels too overwhelming. Your computer is an unorganized mess of YEARS worth of photos, and you don't even know what to do with them. Lifestyle Mama is so much more than an "Intro to Photography" class. I'll teach you everything you need to know about your camera, equip you with knowledge about lighting and composition, and give you a formula and framework to help take the guesswork out of lifestyle imagery, so that you can consistenly capture beautiful photographs and create a photographic legacy for your family.

Lifestyle Photography For Moms

One-on-One Mentorship

Your comfortable with your camera, but you need specific help to propel you forward. 

You've been shooting for a while and you're pretty comfortable with your camera, but you just need a little help on a few specific topics and you really want to dive deep into mastering your camera. One-on-one mentorships are designed to help you with your most pressing photography questions, and allow you to work in an intimate environment on what YOU want to learn. Mentorships start with a Getting to Know You Questionnaire, and include a One Hour Skype or Facetime call to discuss the topics you're dying to know about. You'll have access to Courtney for 3 email inquiries to ask follow up questions.