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Frequently Asked Questions

What camera gear do you recommend?

I’m a big believer that it’s not the gear that makes for a beautiful photograph, but rather what you DO with that gear! But I also understand that the tools we have can help us achieve the goals we are after. For a look at my favorite gear recommendations, you can check out this post that discusses three different levels of gear options, and this post which takes a deep dive into lenses!

How Do I get Blurry Backgrounds in my photos?

That’s a wonderful question, and often times it’s what inspires to pick up a camera in the first place - that desire for a beautiful tack sharp subject, and a blurry background behind them. You can check out this post for the scoop on how to capture that effect!

Where Do I start?

If you are ready to get started on your photography journey (first off, congrats to you!), I’d recommend enrolling in my free 5 Days to Better Photos e-mail course! This course teaches you actionable steps to help you get inspired and start seeing real results in just a matter of a week.

I’m ready to learn! Do you teach a photography class?

Yes! I do! I teach an online photography course geared exclusively towards moms called The Frame-Worthy Photo Course! I teach my students how to finally take control of their cameras and start capturing the photos they’ve always dreamed of. You can check out complete course details here. By the end of the 30 day course, you’ll be a master of manual mode, lighting and composition, and be on your journey as your family’s photographic storyteller.


Meet Courtney


I'm Courtney - a professional family and newborn lifestyle photographer, but most importantly, mom to a sweet baby girl named James.

Since it's very beginning, my professional photography career has been dedicated to the beauty of family. Since the moment my daughter was born, I've been obsessed with documenting our life with beautiful photographs.

Years from now, I envision my children home for Christmas, sitting in our living room and flipping through our treasured family "yearbooks", reliving their story and having tangible proof of our family's roots in love and faith.

It is my passion and purpose to empower other mom's to be their family's storyteller, and to master their cameras to create a legacy for their family to enjoy for year's to come.