The Lifestyle Framework

The Lifestyle Framework


A Photo-by-Numbers approach to creating a beautiful, lifestyle story series of images.

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The Lifestyle Framework, is the key to creating beautiful lifestyle stories with your photos. If you've ever wondered how photographers seemingly capture such candid moments and weave them together into such beautiful photographic stories - this is the secret behind it all. I’m teaching you how to strategically photograph all of your family’s special moments, so that you walk away with each and every photo you need to relive that moment again.

This e-book/mini course will teach you:

- The four main components of a photographic story

- How to shoot your family moments with intention so that you capture everything you need quickly so you can get right back to the moment

- How to create variety in your images with ease

- My secret "recipe" for capturing a lifestyle series of images

- How to curate and narrow down your images into a cohesive story set

- Examples from my own personal family photos to further your journey