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Lifestyle Photography Resources for Moms
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How to Use your DSLR Camera and take better pictures

Are you ready to finally dust off that "fancy" camera you got when your kiddos were born and start taking beautiful, frame-worthy photos? 


The Frame Worthy Photo Course is an in depth beginner photography course geared exclusively towards mamas who want to better understand not only how to use their camera, but how to capture images that tell the story of the beauty of every day life.

We will not only cover detailed camera settings and how to use your camera to capture light and airy photographs in a simple, easy to understand way, but how to capture images in a way that tell a story and take you back again and again.

After mastering the technical side of working with your camera with step by step trainings and guidelines, we’ll go in depth on lighting, composition, and even learn how to put final touches on our photos in Adobe Lightroom to make TRULY Frame-Worthy Photos!


frame worth photo course learn your dslr camera for moms

The Frame-Worthy Photo Course

The Frame-Worthy Photo Course is the ONLY photography course you'll need to finally take control of that DSLR and start capturing beautiful, frame worthy photos of your everyday life. If you are tired of feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with your camera, and want step-by-step instruction for capturing your beautiful every day moments, then this is the course for you. 

Are you ready to start taking beautiful, frame-worthy photos?

This class is so much more than “Photography 101.” We are going beyond the technical skills, and into the heart of the beauty of raising children, allowing you to capture and create a beautiful photographic legacy for your family.

The Frame Worthy Photo Course Includes: 

  • 20 Video Lessons, 2 Bonus Lessons, 6 Printable Cheat Sheets and a Course Success Calendar

  • A complete guide to gear - what you need and nothing you don't!

  • Detailed instructions on how to maximize your camera settings and get it out of automatic mode, and a system for shooting with confidence using manual mode.

  • A check the box strategy to easily find beautiful light, both indoors and outdoors, so you'll never wonder where to place your subject again.

  • Composition - wondering where to place your subject within the frame? Not after The Frame-Worthy Photo Course!

  • Editing with Lightroom - I'll teach you everything you need to know to get up and running with Lightroom and how to make basic edits to take start taking your photos to the next level.

  • BONUS LESSON - The life changing system I use to organize my family's photos! It’s a lifesaver!

  • BONUS LESSON - My process for creating a beautiful family yearbook each and every year.

Photography Course

hear from our students

“This course was exactly what I was looking for to gain basic skill and confidence to capture special “frame-worthy” photos of my daughter. The course was easy to follow and I really appreciate the lifetime access, as I continue to return to the course as I refocus on certain areas. Thank you so much, Courtney, for putting so much thought and love into this course! “

Photography for moms


a peek inside

The Frame Worthy Photo Course

Module One - Mastering Your Camera

We'll discuss the "Exposure Triangle" and everything you need to know about your camera to take control of your photos! No more hit or miss pictures - you’ll learn everything you need to get consistently beautiful photos.You’ll have a step by step process to put in place everytime you pick up your camera to avoid the overwhelm and jump right into taking beautiful pictures.

Module Two - Lighting 101

Did you know that lighting is JUST as important as knowing how to work your camera, if not MORE important!? The light you choose has a huge overall impact on how your photos turn out. I'll teach you my exact method for choosing beautiful light, how to capture beautiful catchlights (that twinkle in the eye in photos!), and how to find beautiful light indoors and out.

Module Three - Composition

We'll discuss the principles of the "Rule of Thirds" and how to use it to know where to place your subject within the frame. No more wondering what goes where in the picture. You’ll leave with a framework for framing - see what I did there!? :)

Module Four - Intro to Adobe Lightroom

Now that you’ve mastered getting great pictures IN camera, it’s time to add some finishing touches to make things pop. I’ll teach you how to make basic adjustments in Lightroom, as well as how to apply presets for beautiful color effects.

how to take light and airy pictures

You will leave the Frame-Worthy Photo Course with:

  • Confidence in your camera - no more overwhelming buttons and questions about what settings to use. I'm teaching you everything you need to know to take beautiful photographs, in a step-by-step, easy to understand and implement way.

  • An in depth understanding of lighting and how to find good light any where you go

  • A framework for photo composition, and everything you need to know about where to put your subject in the frame to create a compelling photograph.

  • An understanding of how to enhance your images in Adobe Lightroom, to truly impress all your friends and family and create Frame-Worthy Photographs!

The Best DSLR Settings for Photographing Kids


As a BONUS, I'll also be teaching you the exact system I use to organize my photos, and turn a year's worth of photos into a beautiful family yearbook. 




Meet Your Teacher

Free Beginner Photography Course for Moms

I'm Courtney - a professional family and newborn lifestyle photographer, but most importantly, mom to a sweet baby girl named James.

Since it's very beginning, my professional photography career has been dedicated to the beauty of family. Since the moment my daughter was born, I've been obsessed with documenting our life with beautiful photographs.

Years from now, I envision my children home for Christmas, sitting in our living room and flipping through our treasured family "yearbooks", reliving their story and having tangible proof of our family's roots in love and faith.

It is my passion and purpose to empower other mom's to be their family's storyteller, and to master their cameras to create a legacy for their family to enjoy for year's to come. 

learn how to use your DSLR camera

Frequently Asked Questions


The course starts on November 15th, 2018, and never ends! While the course is designed to be completed in just four weeks,It is completely self paced, so as soon as the doors open, you'll have lifetime access and can complete the class at your own pace.


You definitely can! However, I have years of professional experience as a photographer. I spent YEARS fumbling through tutorials and trial and error before realizing there were certain patterns and systems I identified that make shooting SO easy! I have compiled what I know about photography into an easy to digest format with actionable steps for you. The Frame-Worthy Photo Course is the fast track to YEARS of trial and error and researching tutorials so that you can be on your way to beautiful photographs without all the extra leg work.


I want you to love this course, and I truly believe you will! I do not, however, offer a refund on this course, because it will truly take practice and effort to use the skills that are taught in this class. While I've provided you with all the tools and information you need to be on your way, it will require you to put in work and time to continue to evolve. I know you can get there, and this course is a great fast track start in the right direction!


How does forever sound?! After enrolling, you'll have lifetime access from any device to the course materials so that you can refer back to the information again and again.

Hear from our students

"What I've learned has allowed me to capture some incredibly vibrant, beautiful moments with my toddler."


Mama, we’re waiting for you inside the course!

Join our community and FINALLY start taking beautiful, frame-worthy photographs!